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When she looked up at me with those eyes, she had my HEART – #corgis #dogs

So this summer it will be about three years since we adopted our pup, Bonnie Sue.  We had just lost our beagle, Molly, who had been a part of our family for 12 years.   Hubby wasn’t sure he was ready for another dog, but I was more than ready so I made a trip to the local animal shelter.  I told the young man at the counter that I was hoping they might have a beagle.


Adoption Day!

“Oh, we do have one.”  And so he brought me to this huge row of kennels.  There huddled into the corner of this massive enclosure was a teeny little ball of white, black and brown fur; on the outside of the gate was the name “Twinkie.”  I was happy to see she had floppy ears and the right coloring for a beagle.

But that really didn’t matter because when she looked up at me with those eyes she had my heart.

That week I brought the hubby to meet Twinkie.  He had a dubious expression when he first saw her.  “She’s a beagle?”

“Oh, yes, it says it right there on the sign on her kennel.”  I insisted.  We took her into the yard and little Twinkie hobbled around, tripping over her feet like a clumsy little pup.  Hubby picked her up and inspected her legs, just in case there might be something wrong with her.

But that really didn’t matter because when she looked up at me again with those eyes she had my heart.

And so, we adopted her, and promptly changed her name to Bonnie Sue.  After a week or so later, one of Miss Bonnie’s ears suddenly started standing up.  “Hmm, that’s odd.”  I said.

“I don’t think she’s a beagle.”  Hubby replied, that same suspicious look on his face.

Another week passed and the other ear miraculously started standing up.  “Definitely not a beagle”  Hubby told me, this time with a little accusation.bonnie

Eventually the vet told us that my Bonnie Sue was mostly corgi, which I had never heard of but I did some checking.  Most of her characteristics fit.  She had corgi ears, a corgi butt, she even tried to herd us like corgis.  And just like corgis she is also mostly a “one-person” dog… unfortunately, that one person isn’t me.  I remind her quite regularly that I am the one who rescued her from that horrible shelter kennel, yet Bonnie Sue is most attached to the hubby.  And as resistant as he was to her, she has without a doubt become his “baby girl.”

And that’s okay.  They both love me too and they’re home together all the time.  As long as they let me squirm in there to cuddle every once in a while, I’m more than happy.  After all, getting another pet for our home wasn’t about that pet belonging to me; it was about adding a new and beloved member to OUR family.


Hubby holding his baby girl

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  1. Love this story! We have a 2 year old corgie/beagle/border collie mix. He came to us at a time when we really needed him and he has been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

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