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Yes, Bonnie Sue is Spoiled #pups #dogs #corgis #pets

10 signs

Yes, its true.  Bonnie Sue is spoiled.  Sure, this little list that’s been floating around Facebook is funny, but its also devastatingly true.  I can at least state that I’m two short of this list with Bonnie.  But let’s a take a moment to review the list.


Number one:  Bonnie has so many toys its sometimes hard for her to choose which one she wants to play with.  Here is a perfect example:  we have a ball, a rubber sole to one of my shoes, a golf ball, a plastic bone and her red squeaky toy that she brought home from the shelter… and that’s not even half of her toys.  I mean, how’s a dog to choose?

Number two:  Well, I’ll give this one 1/2 a point.  She does sleep in the bed with us, but luckily she’s small enough that MOST of the time she manages not to kick us out onto the floor.

Number three:  *hides face*  Yes, it’s true, Bonnie has several outfits.

Here are just a few:

Number four:  Sort of… is it bad she has a hand-me-down stocking?  I turned the stocking for her predecessor around and wrote her name on it.  Yeah, that’s probably horrible, isn’t it?

Number five:  When I come home from work I am to call when I get about a half a block away.  Hubby let’s pup out, pup runs out to drive way, I open door and pup hops onto my lap and “rides” with me the rest of the way into the garage.  *smh*

Number six:  Well duh… you guys probably follow my facebook and see all of those super cute pics.

Number seven:  This one either.

Number eight:  Nope.

Number nine:  Yep… I do. And I also pass on the event hotel and/or the cheaper hotel when I go out of town if it isn’t pet friendly.

Number ten:   *looks down at pup who is laying on my lap*  “Can you believe this?  People actually hold conversations with their dogs.  I mean, really?”

One Response to “Yes, Bonnie Sue is Spoiled #pups #dogs #corgis #pets”

  1. Melissa says:

    She’s so cute! Numbers 2. 4, and 7 apply to me and my pup, but she’s 70 lb. Malamute and while I hear they make outfits for dogs that big, I don’t think she’d be very happy about wearing one. ;-)

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